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Physical therapy on leg

Sandra Knox is a 1981 Physical Therapy graduate of Quinnipiac University. She formally owned and directed Family & Sports P.T. Plus as well as Downtown Physical Therapy and has served the needs of Berkshire county for 32 years.


The techniques that Sandra practices are designed to maximize function, flexibility, and strength in a variety of areas including orthopedic, sports medicine, and neurological rehabilitation.

She provides the most current and effective techniques from hands on manual therapy to functional therapeutic exercise protocols. Her primary goal is to offer individualized care and return her patients to an optimum state of well being and an active lifestyle.

Specializing in:
Women's health issues including pre and post menopausal issues, including hormonal imbalances, 
incontinence, insomnia, weight gain, GI disturbances, etc.
Spinal (including neck, middle and lower back) pain/dysfunction

Shoulder/elbow pain/dysfunction

Hip/knee/ankle/foot pain/dysfunction

Sports injuries

Pre/post operative patients

Repetitive stress injuries

TMJ dysfunction


Pelvic and sacral asymmetries

Balance/coordination/gait abnormalities and associated weaknesses and instability

Postural deficits/distortions


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