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About Sandra:


Sandra has been an integral part of the Physical Therapy field in Massachusetts beginning in 1981 when she founded Family & Sports P.T. Plus in Lanesboro, MA. Since then, she has founded two more physical therapy offices in the state of Massachusetts and was previously the co-owner of Downtown P.T. in Pittsfield. She most recently founded Sandra Knox, P.T. Physical Therapy Plus in a beautiful space in Pittsfield, MA. 


Prior to beginning her career in Physical Therapy, Sandra graduated Summa Cum Laude from Quinnipiac University in 1991. After her education, Sandra recieved extensive post graduate education/training with certificates from Institute of Physical Art,  Northeast Seminars, Upledger Institute, Gray Institute, Brian Mulligan, Dr. Lawrence Jones, Cyriax, URSA Foundation, Kevin Wilk, John Barnes, McKensie Institute. She has also been a memeber of the Physical Therapy Association since 1987.


Throughout her career, Sandra has recieved numerous awards and participted as a guest speaker in many conferences which speaks to her strong participation in the Physical Therapy community.



-Who's Who among American Colleges & Universities, 1981

-Beta Beta Beta National Honor Society, 1981

-Berkshire Business Journal-Ergonomics in the Office Place-1995



-Career Day-Waterbury School Systems-Physical Therapy Education Running Clinics in  Association with Dr. Aversa, DOPM 1985-1986

-Assistant Lecturer-Joint Mobilization Clinic for Extremities with Jay B. Kain, P.T.

-Barnes & Noble Bookstore-Proper Shoveling Techniques Clinic-1996


-Guest Speaker:

-Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) with Dr. Frederic Hyman-Berkshire Community College-1998

-Perspectives in the Diagnosis and Treatment of TMJ-1994

-Health Awareness Day-Mt. Greylock Regional School District-1994

-Endometriosis Support Group of Berkshire County-1992

-Western Connecticut Coaches-Prevention and Treatment of soccer injuries-1986

-Sports Medicine Lecture-Miss Hall's School-1985




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